Nino Mosca

Il Bottaccio, Toscana (I)

The D’Anna family, owners of Relais&Chateaux Il Bottaccio, entrusted the maison’s high cuisine to the Chef-Director Nino Mosca over 30 years ago, and has watched it grow with passion to become not only an institution, but a mecca for the devotees of fine Italian cuisine. In Nino there is the precious gift of equilibrium, acquired from years of dedication, experience and introspection, which permits him to blend a luminous creativity with the most profound roots of Italian tradition.The cuisine of Il Bottaccio is made not only of a physical, material food, but also of a much more subtle one – an invisible plankton made of perceptions, sensations, and emotions generated by the atmosphere and environment itself. This beauty, rhythm and poetry give the cuisine of Il Bottaccio that unique quality that transports it from being a simple trade to an art.